Child Safe Standards

Quarry Hill’s child-friendly Child Safe Standards

Quarry Hill Primary School is a child-safe place! We have seven standards to prove it.

  • Standard 1: Child safety is everything to us. A school without safe children is no school at all!
  • Standard 2: We walk the talk. Read our policy here!
  • Standard 3: We have a code of conduct that all adults working here have signed. Read it here
  • Standard 4: We carefully choose the best staff, we train them well and we keep bettering ourselves to keep you safe.
  • Standard 5: If something goes wrong, we will not waste any time in helping you and your fellow students.
  • Standard 6: We keep looking around to minimise and prevent any risks to your safety.
  • Standard 7: We teach you ways to grow and thrive and improve in your learning and in your relationships with others. We believe in the importance of your voice. Everyone has a say!


Parents and carers may find the following resources useful.